Flower City Florist

Ft Lauderdale florist

Flower City Florist has been family owned and operated since 1963. As one of Ft. Lauderdale's original florists, we have been proudly serving all of Broward County for over 47 years!

We are centrally located in Ft Lauderdale at 601 N. Federal Hwy. between Sunrise and Broward Blvd.

With a great location, history, and experience like that it seems clear that we understand both the needs of our customers and how to provide for them.

Unlike the many tiny flower shops that seem to pop in (and out) of every strip mall on a daily basis, Flower City has remained truly unique.

We are situated on a large piece of property allowing our customers the benefit of a huge selection throughout the store in every department that smaller stores just can't duplicate.

Ft Lauderdale florist

Our greenhouse alone in fact, is larger than the average flower shop! This gives our plants the perfect environment no air conditioned, cramped, poorly lit little store can ever hope to recreate.

Fresh plants kept in these shops out of necessity inevitably decline and suffer for it as does the unknowing or unsuspecting buyer.

All too often, these closet sized shops are simply insufficient for the merchandise they try to supply!

If you're looking instead, for real value in a vigorous healthy accent plant for your home or office, or as the perfect gift, we can offer you a great selection of the most exotic and unusal indoor or outdoor tropical plants and the largest collection of incredible bonsai trees available in all of Ft. Lauderdale!

Garden statues and Fountains

For your garden, deck, or patio needs its the same. With us, its all about a large selection!

In addition to all sorts of shade or sun plants, we carry everything from concrete statuary to one of a kind objets d'art with all kinds of beautiful ceramic, terra cotta pottery , and garden decorative accessories. Our big selection approach is no less important when you need fresh flowers for either to go, or delivered!

We carry everything from exotic tropicals to the finest Holland flowers available.

We are committed to offering you prompt professional service with a personal touch to make sure your floral arrangements and gifts are perfect and your experience is a pleasant one.

We always go the extra mile when it comes to making your most memorable occasions just that much more special. Put our considerable experience to work for you and let Flower City Florist be your first choice for flowers.

We also have two entire showrooms full of silk trees and plants, already made silk flower arrangements, bulk silk flowers, containers, baskets and more.

If you need a custom order you've come to the right place! We can meet any specific size or color to make your accent piece just right.

Our experienced designers will always work with you to accommodate any special requirement or request you may have.

Our motto over the last 47 years has always been: "Try us just once!"

Retail Florists

In Ft Lauderdale since 1963.

Fresh flower arrangement in a vase

Quality Florida Florist fresh flower arrangements for everyday occasions.

We specialize in tropical arrangements, banquets, weddings and funerals.

Flower bouquets on the go.

Silk Trees and Flowers

Artificial Phalenopsis orchids white

Come and discover the one of a kind silk trees and flowers available in our showroom or have one designed just for you.

If you are looking for artificial Areca Palm trees, bamboo trees, orchids, topiaries and all types of silk plants, flowers and foliage plants we have a large selection available or can custom make it for you.

Artificial Trees and Flowers

Silk Bamboo Trees

Silk Palm Trees

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees for sale

Flower City has the largest collection of bonsai trees available in Ft Lauderdale.
Our selection is an outstanding one! With over 200 vigorous healthy trees on display your trip here will truly be unforgettable! Our experienced professional has spent years developing and refining the perfect bonsai growing techniques literally from the ground  up.

Starting step by step from just the right the soil mix, to the proper care and feeding, all the way through to the perfect placement of every single species under our various degrees of sun lit shade houses.

This frequently overlooked (or impossible) step of placement by everyone from tiny shops to big box stores alike is in fact, absolutely essential for making sure the growing environment matches yours as closely as possible.  Failure to do so is a failure to protect the vitality of your Bonsai since this step minimizes the transition period from their sun or shade conditions to yours.
  By far, the single most often repeated complaint we hear about other dealers is that the customer bought an "indoor" plant only to find that once he or she got it home all they could do was watch helplessly while most, or all of its leaves turned yellow and dropped off within days!

Ft Lauderdale Bonsai nursery

At Flower City we listen to our customers! As a result, whether you are a novice or an experienced collector, whether  you're buying a 'starter' or a 50 year old specimen, you will know--ALL--the steps have been taken and that we can offer you--ALL--the useful, practical, and competent advice you will ever need that other dealers simply can not!

Flower City invites you to put our considerable knowledge and experience to the test. All you have to do is go to any small shop or even a big box store that carries small plants in pots they call "bonsai" and if possible, pick one out  that doesn't look too unhealthy and ask them to identify it. 
Assuming that they even can (which is probably a stretch), try asking what kind of soil its in, what kind of care it requires, or how often it needs repotting.
Assuming they can answer any of those (which is really a stretch) try asking what kind of tools, accessories, soils, wire, fertilizers, insect and disease controls or pruning tips if any, may also be required to make sure that what you end up with is the perfect bonsai for you!

Finally, once you have stopped laughing at all the blank looks you just received, you can inform the now completely confused salesperson that basic plant care fertilizers and insecticide are really all that are ever needed for sub-tropical plants and that all the tools and wires are really only used by advanced hobbyists who work primarily on specimen trees.
  If you have the time, please inform your befuddled salesperson that for the types of plants they carry, a simple cheap pair of scissors is usually more than sufficient. 

 Then, as our motto says; try us just once!  You will be astonished at the difference!

Decorative Objects

Decorative metal art

Haitian Artists create one of a kind decorative metal sculptures an exclusive of Flower City Florist. It is the perfect outside accent for Florida homes or a souvenir from your Florida vacation.

Paintings and decorative objects

We have a great selection of outside and inside pottery, fountains, natural nature decor such as bamboo, driftwood, curly willow.

Great selection and prices!

Custom Floral Designs

Modern Flower Arrangements

Artifical Flower Designs

Artificial Trees

Orchid Plants


Bonsai Trees

phalenopsis orchid white

Dendrobium orchid purple

Bromeliad plant